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Opportunities For Economist Degree Holders

Economists are the people that watch the trends of society in terms of the attitudes and spending habits of consumers, as well as how activity is tracked through data and statistics in the economic realm. There are many different ways that an individual can procure employment in the economic field, but almost all of them require some level of college degree.

One such area that one can find an economist is in the field of college teaching. Christian Broda is one such economist. He teaches economics to college students at the University of Chicago. He is also the project director at Duquesne Capital Management. His duties include watching those economic trends ion order to pinpoint spending activity and consumer attitudes.

Mr. Broda is a well published author in a number of different professional journals as well. His papers have covered such topics as international finance and trade. He is well versed in the start up of hedge funds, and has the experience and expertise to help with not only portfolio management, but also in spotting economic trends.

Like most economists, Mr Broda has studied i his field for any years. He holds a PhD in economics from MIT. A shining example of how one can apply the study of economics to their own financial stability and job attainment. This does not mean that being a financial manager or a professor at a college are the only employment that one can hold with an economics degree.

The degree in economics can also get employment in the government sector. One can work as an assessor, auditor, or even policy makers. Private sector jobs can include being a financial manager, an economist, accountants, and even commerce clerks. If one desires the title of economist in the private sector, they typically must hold a Doctorate degree in the field.

Mostly people are referred to as economists who simply have a certain number of college credits in economy and economic study. This does not mean that the degree attained must be in economics, they simply must have a concentration of classes in the art. If the individual desires higher rates of pay, the private sector is the avenue to pursue with government employment being second on the list. The lowest paying jobs in economics is within the sphere of teaching.

It may not be a glamorous position, but if the individual enjoys numbers and mathematics as well as watching public trends, this is an excellent position. Keep in mind though that if the individual wishes to be officially recognized as an economist, they must pursue and complete a Doctorate degree in the field. While there are many positions for those with lower level college experience, only the PhD will garner the title of Economist to its holder.

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