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OneLogin is a Better Computer Solution Company

OneLogin is a privately owned cloud computing company that helps protect the passwords and user ID’s for computer users. Based in San Francisco, this company was founded by Thomas and Christian Pedersen back in 2009. This company provides top notch identity and access management to sell to other businesses and organizations. Furthermore, they provide multiple products and services such as:

  • Desktop Authentication
  • Web Access Management (WAM)
  • User Provisioning
  • Single Sign-On
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Cloud Directory

and more!

OneLogin does regular tests, programs, and network scans to detect any vulnerability. With this, they have announced four different things manufactures need to know about balancing their security and productivity.

With all things considered, manufactures face two big challenges.

The first challenge is trying to manage an increasingly diverse portfolio of users and applications along with their roles and permissions.

The last challenge is trying to keep up and address the ever-changing list of risks that come with new users and more applications.

These challenges are a great struggle to deal with for any Compliance Officer or IT Manager.

Here are four things OneLogin wants you to know!

First of all, lots of third party access continues to grow. This means more users, supply chains, and vendors are staring to work from various locations and receive access from other networks, data, and apps. This can make it difficult for manufactures to keep a structural system without disturbing any other app access or permissions.

Secondly, balancing security and usability is the key to digital transformations. Expanding user access can mean more agility for the business, but can also cause major security breaches and the lost of user productivity if not properly handled.

Next, cyber attacks are both common and costly. This is because manufactures hold a ton of sensitive data which makes them prime targets for cyber attacks. It is estimated that a single identity-related security breach can cost around $450k or more!

Lastly, manufactures should beware of operational costs and traditional identity management. They should also look out for identity solutions that can evenly support diversity and the complexity around users.

With all things took into consideration, this is why multiple companies trust OneLogin to securely manage their data and company apps!

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