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One of the World’s Top Surgeons, Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a professor at the University of Texas, and there acts as an academic department chairman for the field of plastic surgery. He has made substantial contributions to plastic surgery practices, education, and facial aesthetics and aging. Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program recognized Dr. Rohrich as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. The program identifies physicians through a peer review process, where top researchers analyze the accomplishments, ethics, background, and contributions that the candidates have made to their specific field. He was very happy to receive this award, believing that medical credibility is one of the most important characteristics about a surgeon.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is passionate about his career, and passionate about the safety of others. He frequently tours and gives lectures to major facilities and educational meetings to promote better practices to ensure the safe surgical practices. He recently identified a severe risk of blindness that can be caused by use of facial fillers during cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rohrich joined a group of professors to publish their study inside the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal to prevention future occurrences of blindness in this practice. Unfortunately, the study found that although the risk for blindness during this procedure is very low, the consequences are highly irreversible, and most often permanent.

As an internationally renowned rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Rohrich (drrodrohrich.com) stresses the importance of using scientifically proven medicine for all surgical procedures. He is highly opposed to theoretical medicine and methods when dealing with patients, and only uses procedures that he has found have repeatable and reliable results over a long-term basis.

With so much knowledge and expertise in his field, Dr. Rohrich frequently travels internationally to give seminars and train practitioners. In an attempt to create credibility and consistently in the surgical field, he has created educational models to help professionals around the world use the same proven methods in their work. Some of these teachings have been included in Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery, which more than 38 countries use to supplement their training curriculum. Dr. Rohrich has published more than 700 peer reviewed articles concerning cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, and treatment of facial deformities during his professional career. Find more about Dr. Rod Rohrich on his Facebook page. 

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