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One of the Brightest Minds in the Entire Country: Eric Pulier

The creator of The Bridge to the 21st Century was born in Teaneck, New Jersey in the late 1960s. His interest in programming computers began when Pulier was in the 4th grade. As a high school student, Eric Pulier began his own computer based company. He was an English and American literature major at Harvard University in 1984. The 48-year-old was the editor and a columnist for their school newspaper,The Harvard Crimson. Among his articles were, Morons and Millions, The Stigma of a Hardvard Degree, Academia Nuts, The Reading Period Blues, and others. He graduated wish a B.A., Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988. While a student at Harvard, Pulier took classes at MIT.
After three years of working experience, Pulier moved out to Los Angeles, California.

Eric Pulier was one of the founders of People Doing Things (PDT), a company that specializes in health care, education, and other issues by using technology. By 1994, Eric Pulier created Digital Evolution, an interactive agency. Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC, four years later. A few years before the merger, Pulier helped Steven Spielberg, Peter Samuelson, and Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr establish Starlight Children’s Foundation that helps chronically ill teenagers to connect with one another and establish friendships through a social network of blogging or entering chat rooms.

In 1997, one year before Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive, LLC, the Bill Clinton Presidential administration was in its first year, and the president needed Eric Pulier to the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. that was called The Bridge to the 21st Century. Vice President, Al Gore was so impressed with Pulier’s work, he asked the computer genius to help with his health care and technology project. This project would enable people to get advice on health related issues through a computer based technology forum. Eric Pulier is a big supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative that was created to help leaders from around the world brainstorm international problems.

Today Eric Pulier is CEO of akana, formerly known as Soa(Service-Oriented Architecture). It was orignally called Digital Evolution. Soa Software, founded in 2001, recently became akana on March 10, 2015. The company deals with API management and security. They also provide computer users with cloud integration products. Pulier is considered to be one of the brightest men in Silicon Valley. The great business starter upper lives in Los Angeles, California with his four children, who he is very devoted to. As the CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation, he is transforming computers and making them faster and better. When he is not working, he writes, is involved in public speaking engagements, and is presently working on a camp for sick children.

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