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Omeed Malik Built His Business on the Pillars of Integrity, Knowledge, and Experience

Omeed Malik is the CEO of Farvahar Partners. He built his business empire on the foundations of intuition, experience, knowledge, and business smarts. Omeed Malik thinks these should be the pillars of any successful business enterprise. The key to his company’s success is its ability to provide services for the niche asset management sector. After years of working for top-ranked global organizations, he branched out to start his own business.

Malik is also an industry educator and speaks at seminars teaching the merits of merchant bank investments. Both insiders and those interested in the field benefit. Pre-IPO trading is one field where he likes to share insights and offer advice. Merchant bank investing is another. He calls this field the “shadow market.’ By trading pre-IPO securities, companies can remain private while gaining more liquidity before entering public marketplaces.

Omeed Malik’s parents are Pakistani and Iranian. As such, he learned to respect the diversity of cultures. Malik earned a BA degree in Philosophy and Political Science. He went on to earn his Juris Doctor and graduating with honors from the school of Emory University School of Law. His background has prepared him for his present day success.

Omeed Malik is both an experienced securities attorney and financial services professional. As mentioned, he gives lectures around the world. Among his lectures were an in-depth discussion on technology as it relates to world financial freedom. He moderated the event titled “Fraud in the Bull Market.” Education and experience in a particular field are important. Omeed Malik is a man who proves this to be true.

For details: omeedmalikadvisors.com/

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