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Omar Yunes Represents Mexico at the World Franchise Competition

Omar Yunes trounced some contestants to represent Mexico in the Best Franchise of the World competition. The BFW is an award given to recognize the efforts of the various franchise in the world. While the selection is made nationally, the event manages to bring the best franchises from different brands to recognize their effort, hard work and contribution towards brand success. It is a way of thanking the management for their useful contribution to the industry.

For the current year, Omar Yunes will be representing Mexico. Omar is the Franchisee of the Sushi Itto His main contribution will be on professionalism and its role on franchisees. He will be accompanied by Prendamex, Ivan Tamer who will be making a presentation on the implementation of the alternative systems to control and sell assets.

Mr. Yunes is a franchisee of Japan food. He ventured into this line of business when he was still young, at 21 years. He now owns 13 units located in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. Through his determination and good leadership skills, he has over 400 employees in all his 13 units. Yunes attributes his success to hard work and an innovational mind.

According to his evaluators, Omar won the BFW award because he has been the agent of change. He has been able to put in place better management practices that have enabled him to remain profitable. Yunes has been able to establish systems that manage information, thus ensuring that all arising issues are adequately dealt with. The high control board that he has put in place enables him to measure and evaluate each unit. With the information, he can make sound financial and economic decisions.

In Mexico alone, Mr. Yunes has been able to open over ninety restaurants. The Sushi brand enjoys a significant market in the South America region. Most of these restaurants are located in Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, and Mexico. And the interesting part, with only twenty-one years, Mr. Yunes conceived and actualized the idea. He has since been able to create connections making his brand one of the most successful. The Sushi Itto brand is estimated to be over five million pesos.


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