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Omar Yunes business life

Omar Yunes is a household name in the corporate world. He has been able to excel in his career over the years. Due to that Omar has received a good number of awards. In the recent past Omar was awarded best Franchisee of the World (BFW). Keeping in mind he was competing with a big number of people who have been in this segment for a longer time, this is a major achievement.

There are a wide range of parameters which were being used to come up with the most suitable person. He performed well in all the sectors thus topping the all team. His contribution in change of management and enforcement of regulations was also recognized.

After receiving his award Omar was very grateful of his team which played a key role in facilitating the excellent performance. He also highlighted a number of things he is planning to execute in the near future so as to record good performance in other awards. The event was attend by many stakeholders of that sector from different parts of the globe. This created a good platform in which people could network with other persons with the same interest. Besides from that, the stakeholders shared crucial information which will help them make the segment more profitable and attractive to investors in the coming days.

Omar started his hospitality career at a tender age of 21. He first became a franchisee of Japanese food chain which was opening in Mexico. Over the years he has been growing and evolving along the industry. By doing that he has been able to meet the changing demands of customer by opening his own line which has 13 units in different parts of Mexico.

Unlike other people who were competing for the same award, Omar had an amazing performance in his career. Apart from starting his job in a very young age he has been able to work along many multinational firms which are performing well by simply meeting the many needs of customers. By working along such firms, Omar understood the hospitality industry even well in the global level.

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