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Omar Yunes: Award Winning Franchisee

Franchising has been a growing business in Mexico, and Mexican franchisers have been recognized around the world. The latest recognition was given to Omar Yunes, who bagged the prestigious Best Franchisee of the World award. He received the award at a ceremony held in the historic city of Florence in Italy. Initially, a competition was held in the same city, and there were a set of judges who looked into his franchise and decided that he deserves the award for getting the highest mark in all fields that they are looking into. Omar Yunes is the franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese themed restaurant offering Japanese cuisine. He was given the award because of his significant contribution on making it grow. He started to franchise Sushi Itto at a very young age of 21, and since then, Omar Yunes managed to save enough money to open another 13 branches all throughout Mexico. Combined, his franchises represent 10% of the total units of Sushi Itto, and Omar Yunes is very thankful of the award that he received, but later emphasized that it is his employees to deserve to get the recognition because the restaurants would not be successful if not for them. He has a network of 400 employees scattered on his stores around Mexico, and they have been working hard to provide delicious food and excellent customer service to their customers.


34 countries attended the event, battling to be recognized as the Best Franchisee of the World, but Omar Yunes stood out among the rest. What happens during the competition is that judges would strictly evaluate how a certain franchise is affecting the brand as a whole. The criterias are influence, knowledge contribution, sales and savings, employee motivation, and business model. Omar Yunes managed to hit all of this criteria, and he had the highest mark out of all who competed. The organizers of the event also pointed out how Omar Yunes has been an important factor in his franchise – being someone who has strong relationship with the employees; being able to make the brand known in his locality; being able to bring the idea of Japanese cuisine to another culture; and being able to generate the most profit. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, has expressed his gratitude and thanked Omar Yunes for his contribution on the restaurant’s growth. He has stated that they will keep working with Omar Yunes in order to provide the best Japanese food in Mexico, completed with hospitality and excellent service towards their customers.

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