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Omar Yunes Attains Success in Franchising

Franchising is one of the lucrative businesses that one can engage. Many people have attained great success in the field, and Omar Yunes is one of them. In December 2016, Omar received the Best Franchise of the World award for his involvement with the Sushi Itto.

The Best Franchise of the World Awards is held annually to honor and recognize the people in the franchise world. Many people have been honored over the years. Best Franchise of the World has increased the Mexican Franchise recognition in the world. These competitions are a manifestation of the quality of service and their efforts to provide excellent products.

At the 21 years, Omar was appointed the franchisee of the Sushi Itto in Japan. When he started, Omar has one unit. However, through hard work and dedication, Omar has opened over 13 units across three different locations; Puebla, Mexico, and Veracruz. All his 13 units have accounted for at least 10% off the total units owned by Sushi Itto. Omar has provided employment to over 400 people in the three cities.

34 Brands participated in the competitions. The different brands were from Italy, Argentina, France, Hungary, Brazil, and Mexico All the brands sent representatives to the competitions. Ivan Tamer of the Predmax brand scooped the second position in the competitions.

The participants are evaluated based on their influence in the business, their motivation and dedication to the job, and also their contributions to the brand they are representing.

The competitions are supported by the Mexican Association of Franchise. The organization also formed part of the deciding committee. Universidad Anahuac was also part of the Jury.

About Omar Yunes

Omar is a businessman and an inventor in Mexico. He has been involved in different businesses, but he has been more successful in the food industry. Omar’s greatest success has been the Sushi Itto Franchising.

Omar has gained great success in the business world because of his leadership skills. Omar has over 400 employees, and he motivates them to go after their goals. Omar has managed to create and develop different businesses.

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