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Omar Boraie’s Visions Come to Pass

Omar Boraie is a man with vision and dreams which has been evident throughout his four decade long career. He has been very instrumental in the transformation of New Brunswick with one of his latest development being the Aspire. This is a modern residential –high rise building which is a fulfilment of his lifelong dream. This could be why he is glad that it has been completed.

As the head of Boraie Development LLC, Omar has been instrumental or the development of various projects in the area. He is most round of the Aspire because it has been one of the most doubted projects in his career yet it has come to fruition. For him, it is a reality of a dream that was curved early during the days when he was a scholar in Europe as he desired to rebuild New Brunswick just as he saw Europe being rebuilt back then. The moment he realized that he could be a part of transforming the area and make it better again is when his dream was birthed.

His move towards this achievement started by transforming his office space, which now sits on a magnificent 8th floor space with a spectacular view. The building was formerly crumbing and was part of the 21 building blocks that Boraie Development has worked on over the years. It was due to Omar’s foresight that he began buying the collapsed buildings and transforming them. At the time people thought, he was crazy but as time went by many realized that his vision for New Brunswick was beginning to take shape.

His first project was an office building known as Tower One, a project that took place in the 1980s and 1990s.This then followed with the completion of tower two in 2003. With the excellence in building office spaces, Omar realized that the need to build quality residential houses was becoming more crucial and as such he shifted to this direction. Read more on centraljerseyworkingmoms.com.

About Boraie Development

Boraie development LLC is a guru in the real estate and property development world with a number of service provisions. It is a leading service provider for the following services including property sales and marketing, property management as well as real estate development. The company has a team of dedicated staff whose zeal is to maintain quality in all its operations. The company has been able to excel in this tough industry because of its ability to deal with financial institutions, architects and contractors of great repute.

Boraie Development Company Profile: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc

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