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Oil and Gas Wrong

Last week, a California spokesperson for the oil drilling and gas fracking producers stated that their water usage only impacts 514 households per year. Yet, a report early Monday, April 6, shows that one million rural Californians currently don’t have access to clean, safe water for drinking, washing dishes or bathing as their tap water has too many contaminants like arsenic. While one million Californians pay approximately $5 a week, if not more in some areas, for bottled water outside of required tap water utility bills and taxes, the oil and gas producers falsely claim their impact is negligible.

If the clean water lost to oil and gas extraction was combined with the water lost to hundreds of other companies that are also extracting millions of gallons a year for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses, such as retail sale and maintenance of lawns, golf courses, sidewalks, et cetera, there would be more than enough affordable, clean water for those one million people. Jaime Garcia Dias agrees that it really doesn’t make sense that business owners in California can’t seem to do basic math.

What does “basic math” mean?

It means having an elementary student’s ability to see that their water usage is having a significant impact on California’s water supply. Yes, climate change does exist and normal weather pattern changes do happen. But, business water usage is destroying groundwater supplies in California.

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