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Obama Wants You To Get Paid For Your Overtime

Obama has brought a lot of changes to the White House, and some of them are good while others have been debated. Obama was the driving force behind the Health Care Act, and although some are happy that they now have health care, others are upset because they are forced to pay it. Get Paid For Your Overtime. Obama is now coming up with another suggestion, and he wants those who work overtime to get paid for it. Some who work overtime, they do not qualify for the extra pay, which is supposed to be a time and a half.

Madison Street capital recognizes that Obama wants to change it so that more people are allowed to qualify for overtime, especially now since the economy is still down, and many are working over 40 hours a week. You used to have to be within a certain threshold to qualify for overtime, and now if the overtime pay schedule is updated, many more will qualify for overtime. In the last 40 years, only one time ever has the overtime payment rules been updated, so it’s long overdue to be brought up to date.

Many are crying foul, and many feel like they are not being paid what they are worth. Although many people want $15 an hour to pay, is unlikely to happen anytime soon. If overtime is extended to more people, some may just continue working extra hours, just so they can get the extra pay.

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