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NYC Styrofaom Ban Goes Into Effect

While it may have taken a long time to get here, the ban on Styrofoam officially has gone into place. This means that small bars that are still serving customers beer in large 32 ounce Styrofoam cups will have to make changes or face serious fines.

The ban on Styrofoam in NYC has been in effect in part across many regions. No longer are restaurants serving meals on these plates because of the significant impact to the environment. Each year in NYC alone, 28,000 tons of Styrofoam fill up local landfills, and these products do not decompose quickly. Other major cities across the country already have similar bans in place, and it only makes sense that the biggest metropolis follow suit. The ban will affect small bars across the region that still serve beer in these containers.

Many local bar owners are not happy about the change, having been serving drinks in Styrofoam for decades without issue. Susan can remember that going on all throughout her life. But environmental concerns have everyone on high alert, and these changes must be made. Currently manufactures of the cups have a lawsuit filed with the state, in hoping the decision is changed and the ban is lifted. The ban will put a serious hurt on these companies that still manufacture the product. Store owners are upset because they feel that the only alternative is a much more costly product, cutting into their limited profits and practically driving them out of business.

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