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Now it’s Legal to Buy Your Tesla Automobile Directly from Tesla

We all know the pain of having to buy a new car. Sure, test driving and looking at features is exciting, but when you have to sit in front of a guy behind a desk, haggling for prices and deciding if you really need leather seats, it makes the whole process less fun.

Enter Tesla. Elon Musk and his various ventures, including Tesla, have been rocking all sectors of the market. One of the biggest incidents was when Tesla decided it wanted to cut out the middle man and sell their automobiles to the customer directly. What this would mean is that you wouldn’t have to go to a dealer to buy the newest Tesla Roadster. Folks at Anastasia Date agree that this might not sound too different, but in this model there’s no haggling wondering if you could get a better deal. Tesla would sell you the vehicle at a similar price to what a dealer would pay for it.

In October 2014, lawmakers in Michigan and other states introduced a bill which would make this practice illegal, thus requiring Tesla to sell their automobiles in dealerships. More about that from Tesla’s blog here. However, as of the beginning of May, the Federal Trade Commission has overruled that bill, in defense of all business. Read more here, but in the meantime look out! Soon you won’t need to dread those visits to a dealership to buy a new car.

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