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Nicolas Krafft: A Major Force Behind L’Oreal

L’Oreal Paris held its second annual beauty and fashion show in the capital of France on September 30th. The show was an opportunity to show off the season’s new fashions as well as its dedication to the fashion and beauty world. The show was attended by top names in beauty, fashion, and movies and was open to the public. Women’s creativity and diversity was the highlight of the show and spotlighted top celebrity models. L’Oreal featured a floating catwalk, giant screens, and drones to film the event, which broadcast in over 30 countries.

Nicolas Krafft has spent almost two decades with L’Oreal and started with the company as a product manager. He quickly worked his way up to become VP of Global Business development as well as International General Manager for Pulp Riot. The Pulp Riot brand is led by CEO and Founder David Thurston. Nicolas Krafft’s accomplishments include helping to grow market share in difficult economic environments, aiding L’Oreal brands like Matrix, Biolage, and K√©rastase to develop International presence, as well as helping to launch new product lines.

Nicolas Krafft was born in Switzerland and attended the University of St. Gallen where he studied accounting and finance. St. Gallen is a top business school which is internationally recognized. His background in accounting and finance guided him to his leadership positions.

While in Canada, Mr. Krafft started as a junior product manager in the marketing department working with a small team. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Germany where he was in charge of repositioning the luxury brand Kérastase. He then moved to Asia where he was in charge of Matrix. Mr. Krafft moved to several places including Paris and Eastern Europe, and America, where he was able to acquire his knowledge and expertise over the years.

Nicolas Krafft has acquired many skills while working in different positions with L’Oreal. Some skills he acquired include product development management, digital strategy, and marketing. Nicolas Krafft has a passion for explaining key ideas through essentials, which aids in his success. Mr.Krafft is also excited about overseeing the global digital rollout of the newly launched brand Pulp Riot, and it’s future.

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