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Nick Vertucci’s journey of success

Nick Vertucci came from a humble background and is now NV Real Estate’s founder and CEO which he launched in January 2014. His father died at the age of ten thus becoming hard for their family to meet their ends meet. At the age of eighteen, he started a business that specialised in selling computer accessories. Vertucci occasionally got into a financial mix up to the point of losing his house. He was enrolled in a real estate academy which later inspired him to venture in the real estate business. After leading a successful career, Nick started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy(NVREA). Real estate if appropriately done will generate more wealth for people over time.

The idea of coming up with NVREA started when he was at the academy where he also came up with a system that invested in single-family rentals. Through this, he acquired foreclosures and learnt how to manage and rent them. Nick Vertucci sees and believes in ideas and comes up with a map on how to execute it. Nick over the last 20 years has come up with a plan and published a book, Seven Figures Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed aiming at showing people how to transform their lives. NVREA not only teaches about real estate but also directs its students on executing their knowledge to build their self-success.

Nick Vertucci’s book is aimed at showing how he lost everything, altering his mindset and the steps he followed for him to have a stronger and sustainable business. He also praises the mind in this publication where he describes it as the most potent muscle and the best asset. Nick gives tips to people on how to get a mentor, changing one’s mindset and forgetting about the small changes in life and considering this will keep you going.

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