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Nick Vertucci: Helping Others Through the “Fortunes in Flipping” System

Nick Vertucci, founder and CEO of NV Real Estate Academy, is a man who has known various lifestyles throughout the course of his existence. He grew up comfortable, but then the unfortunate loss of his father when he was only 10 years old created a situation where his single mother struggled to provide, despite working long hours. In his own adult years he began life living in his van, but soon turned things around upon finding sales. Granted this was just the beginning of sale for Nick Vertucci as he was selling computer parts and in business for himself.

The computer part selling business went well for Vertucci as he built up the business, got married, had three children, and seemed to have created the American dream. This, unfortunately, was not sustainable once the financial dot com crisis hit in 2000. After months with little work and growing debt, Nick Vertucci attended a real estate seminar that would change the tone of things to come; in fact, he considers it to be the best decision of his life.

Throwing himself into learning everything that he could about real estate sales and investing, Nick knew that his life had turned a corner from the former despair of the dot com bust. He began earning and succeeding in the business and made himself a promise: once he hit his personal goal of realizing millionaire status he would share everything he knew to help others. Nick Vertucci wanted to give the knowledge of a system he had refined to help ensure long term debt-relief, cash gains, and the realization of wealth.

The NV Real Estate Academy does exactly that through initial education, the guidance of goal setting, continuing education, and assistance with active investing. Anyone who is pursuing a positive change in their financial status can gain access to the “Fortunes in Flipping” system as created by one of the nation’s most high-volume and successful real estate investors, Nick Vertucci. The system is comprehensive of the locating of a viable property to flip, learning how to fix it up for marketing purposes, and selling the finished product.

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