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There have been many changes being felt in the New York real estate industry. Recently, there has been the big scramble by companies who are seeking investment in this city. This scramble and the keen interest in the New York real estate industry has been initiated by the high prices and rates which calculate to high commission rates for brokerage companies. Brokerage companies in NYC apartments for sale are rapidly growing. One can find a company that has more than 1000 agents. This is a move used by companies to widen their business network. Many sellers are also considering companies who market using their networks. The networks should, however, be attractive and efficient in the work of finding buyers.

Town Residential is one these companies that are making a fortune out the New York real estate sector. The company was founded in the year 2010 by Heiberger. Under his management, the company has been able to reach high levels within a very short span of time. It is owned by the same individual who founded the company, Citi Habitats. This is one experienced businessman who has a vast experience in the real estate sector. This company has most of its investments in Manhattan and Brooklyn. These are the two regions in the state whereby real estate investors seek to put much weight on.

RE/MAX is the other company that has announced its renewed interests in New York. The company is out to boost the local brokerage companies and get them at national levels. Expanding the local companies across the state would not be such a hard task for someone Dave Liniger who took RE/MAX from a local company to the great position that it is in right at the moment. This will be part of the big plan which seeks to buy more than 15 franchise enterprises across different regions.

Town residential company has been looked at as being the model brokerage company. The company’s founder and owner, Heiberger, has been in different media houses whereby all of them never hesitated to ask him the secret behind his success in the sector. He said that all that needs to be understood is that luxury and discount don’t mix in selling.

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