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New Marketing Techniques Are Explored By Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

The retail industry has been evolving in the last few decades to focus more than ever before on the use of Online sales and reviews to drive up business. Fabletics was established in 2013 as a member Website offering monthly clothing deliveries based on the lifestyle choices and exercise regimen of each member; a lifestyle quiz allows Fabletics to make recommendations about the clothing each member may like and can be completed in a few short minutes to make an initial impact on the life and shopping choices of each Fabletics member.


It is not only the retail industry making major changes to the way clothing is sold Online but also customers who are looking for new ways of making sure they get the best possible products by conducting their own research. Fabletics has been one of the first U.S.-based retailers to harness what has become known as the power of the crowd in driving the use of reviews as a positive factor in its marketing options. Personal recommendations and reviews have always been one of the best ways for a brand to drive up its business and add sales to a new or established Website.


Not only do more than 80 percent of consumers research products Online looking for the best reviewed prior to making their choice of a product to purchase but a growing trend is to research a business or retailer prior to making a purchase. Studies have shown more than half of all Online consumers research at least one business each month before making a purchase or using a service. Fabletics has continued to drive its own business by making sure customers are given the best possible experience and encouraged to review the retailer on a range of Online platforms.


Success for Fabletics has seen the brand look beyond consumer reviews in pushing forward a business which has grown by more than 200 percent since its 2013 launch. One of the most popular aspects of the marketing choices made by Fabletics has been the use of actress Kate Hudson as brand ambassador and partner in the business created by TechStyle founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg; the two entrepreneurs wished to make sure their brand was represented by a celebrity who was approachable, active, and fun. Kate Hudson was the first choice of Ressler and Goldenberg prior to the launch of the brand has learned to become a successful business leader for Fabletics.


Interviews with Kate Hudson reveal she still sees herself as very much an actress first and business person second but her desire to play a major role in the development of Fabletics has seen her learn a range of new skills. Among the roles played by Kate Hudson for Fabletics is that of social media expert using her own Instagram account to reveal how she wears many of the garments produced by the brand.

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