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New JD App Helps Young Consumers Provide Gifts

In Chinese tradition, providing gifts is one of the most cherished traditions. People in the country believe that providing a gift to someone will shorten the emotional distance between them. It is also an essential element of communication with others as well as creating future business opportunities between companies and individuals. In China, providing a gift to someone in person is the preferred method. However, the advancements of technology have made gift giving a little awkward among a number of people in recent years. In order to address this issue, the largest retailer in China JD.com has developed an app called JD Gift. With this application, users can use another app called WebChat to provide gifts to people more efficiently.

The process of ordering a gift online is very convenient for both the gift giver and the recipient. While the process is quite convenient, it is still a little awkward. One of the things that makes people a little awkward with this technology is a lack of knowledge of the recipient’s address. When a person doesn’t know this address, they will be a little reluctant to send a gift. It will also likely lead to a rejection of the gift as well. However, with JD Gift, the awkwardness and rejection will be quite minimized as the app has a way to ensure that a gift is delivered to the recipient.

With the app, the recipient will be notified of a gift and to provide their shipping address. As soon as the purchase is made, the gift is sent to the person. While the new JD app has benefited all consumers in China, it has been most appealing to the younger generation of Chinese adults. Statistics have revealed that there are around 637 million Chinese individuals who use social media. They use social media to communicate with one another on apps such as WeChat. With many people between the ages of 26 and 35 using social media, they also look to use technology in order to provide gifts to one another. Unlike past generations, they feel awkward about providing gifts to people in person. Therefore they prefer to provide gifts to others via technology apps such as JD Gift.

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