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Nevada Gives Daimler the Go Ahead to Start Testing Autonomous Trucks

Nevada has given Daimler the go ahead to start testing autonomous driverless trucks. The license will allow Daimler to begin testing its line of autonomous commercial vehicles in the state of Nevada.

Commercial trucks are the most likely target for advances in autonomous vehicles. They tend to operate over the open road which is an easier environment to drive in than an urban setting with countless obstacles.

Commercial trucking companies have the most to gain from driverless vehicles. Having vehicles drive themselves would save a fortune in wages every year. It could also loosen up restrictions regarding how many hours a truck is on the road every day.

There are still many questions surrounding the autonomous vehicle industry. There are currently no federal guidelines in place to oversee their operation. Questions about liability still remain as well.

At this point many more states would need to get involved before cross country trucking in autonomous vehicles could become a reality. The federal government in unlikely to step in and provide clear rules and regulations until the industry has become more mature.

Once the autonomous vehicles have proven their worth and other states get involved Daimler is sure to see a stream of customers coming in. Until then there’s only speculation regarding how popular their autonomous vehicles may become in the near future.

Thanks to my friends at Madison Street Capital for showing me this.

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