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Natural Goodness Becomes The Trend For Pet Parents With The Aid Of Beneful

It has been reported in recent years the natural pet foods market is outperforming the mass market processed foods market dominated by the world’s largest dog food producers in the last few decades. Beneful may be one of the latest entrants into the pet foods market after being established in 2001, but the company has grown in less than two decades to record annual revenues of over $1.5 billion as the fourth largest pet foods brand in the world.

One of the main reasons for the success of Beneful can be seen in the name of the brand, which translates into English as “full of goodness”, a name that is backed up by the impressive range of ingredients used in developing both wet and dry foods using only the top-quality natural ingredients. Beneful dog food has become a popular brand as the first ingredient used in all its range of wet and dry foods has always been meat, which is joined by a range of healthy ingredients designed to keep every pet as healthy as possible throughout their life; different Beneful products are available for the many stages of the life of any pet belonging to a pet parent who wants to keep their family member as healthy as possible.

There are many different options available to the Beneful commercial  customer who wishes to provide the best possible feed for their dog, including the Happy Harvest line of products using soy as the main source of protein. Innovations are always tempered by the need to retain the healthy and nutritious nature of the food produced by the Beneful brand, including the development of prepared meals marketed within a container used by pet parents as the food bowl for their pet after purchase.


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