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Moving Forward With Steve Ritchie


The American Customer Service Satisfaction Index has named Papa John’s the number one rated pizza company in America and for good reason. The brand is well known for their quality ingredients, friendly staff, and great performance under the leadership of CEO Steve Richie PapaJohns. Here is a deeper look into the company and the leader of the successful pizza company.

Papa John’s is a highly sought after pizza restaurants with a staggering 5,000 locations worldwide. With all of this success, three brand wanted to make sure they were being led by someone who is knowledgeable about the business. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was an easy choice for the role of CEO thanks to his proven track record for success over the years. He has held just about every job at the pizza company including a general manager and even a customer service representative. Steve realized fairly quickly that he could excel with Papa John’s and started a plan to do just that.

Steve had his start in the pizza business when he opened a pizza parlor in Louisville, Kentucky. Steve’s business was popular and successful proving his ability for growth and diligence. His experience as an entrepreneur opened Steve’s eyes to the potential of owning his own Papa John’s franchise. During two decades with Papa John’s, Steve’s 2018 promotion to CEO was an easy decision.

Steve Ritchie has proven his drive for success and plans to take Papa John’s to the next level. Steve is striving to open more Papa John’s across the globe including my on the well known island of The Bahamas. He is also interested in owning more Papa John’s franchises with goals to own 100 locations by the year 2025. Go To This Page for related information.

Steve Ritchie makes an excellent example of what perseverance can do. Being the CEO of one of the most celebrated pizza companies in the world is no small feat and Steve proves that he is up to the task. Take a look at the brands website for more information on Papa John’s and their CEO Steve Ritchie.





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