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Minneapolis: Home of the Mighty Fortress Church and the Most Beautiful Churches in America

While churches are places of worship, Christians attach a lot of importance to the design of these places. Perhaps, because some of the earliest churches spotted unique and innovative designs. As at present, churches all over the globe spot magnificent designs, and Minneapolis is no exemption. Some of the most beautifully designed churches are found in Minneapolis. Some of them are highlighted below.

Church of the Assumption found in St. Paul is thought to be the oldest church in the area. It was constructed in 1870. Since its construction, the beautiful interior of the church has remained intact. The church’s architectural design was inspired by the design of a church in Munich Germany spotting Romanesque Revival style of architecture.
Episcopal Church of Our Savior, Little Falls was built in 1903. John Sutcliffe, the architect who designed it, incorporated Tudor and Gothic styles of architecture into the design of the church. He also favored
local fieldstone construction on the lower part of the church and half-timbered stucco design on the upper part.
Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul, is arguably the most beautifully designed church and building in Minnesota. It was established in the 1900’s, and it remains to be one of the biggest churches in the US. The structure was designed to resemble the French churches in Paris. At the center of the church is huge dome complementing French Renaissance and Classical themes.
The Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis is also a beautifully designed church. The church is unlike the ones described above; it has a unique style of worship that eliminates too much formality common in other churches. It also provides biblical teachings in a creative way that seeks to reduce replication of biblical stories every week. The church is well aware of modern living, and it aims to deliver messages that are relevant to the modern Christian. The church is accessible to many because of its “come as you are” phrase which emphasizes its willingness to accept all members of the society without discrimination.
Bishop T.R Williams established the Mighty Fortress Church. The Bishop has been a servant of God for over 30 years. He is a respected individual in the Christian community.

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