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Milan Kordestani’s career life.

Milan Kordestani is a first-year student at Colorado College. He is a writer as well as a successful entrepreneur. Still, at an early age, Milan has managed to be ranked 3rd the at worlds Championship horse show. Milan was born in California, and after a few years the family moved to London, unfortunately, Milan’s parents divorced.

Despite his family breaking up, Milan stood strong and has emerged to be one of the youngest and successful entrepreneurs. His business Milan farms aim at providing clients with a reliable option. By ensuring that they use organic products on their plants and give the best care to the animals. Milan farm is based on honesty, and the farm officers are ready to provide honest opinions to help improve your farming.

Since an early age, Milan Kordestani has always enjoyed been around animals, and one animal that gave him joy was the horse. At just ten years old, Milan would ride horses, and he recalls his first time riding a horse as one of the most fulfilling experience of his life.

His upbringing greatly influenced the idea to start a farm business, Milan’s parents are from Iran, and they upheld their Iranian culture and wanted their children to understand the language as well as some of their practices.

Milan Kordestani’s mother was especially passionate about her culture and even employed a tutor who would help Milan and his sister learn the Iranian language. In the process of learning the language, the two got to learn about some of their foods and even planted them in the backyard. Milan’s childhood was the greatest inspiration to establish his company and has since involved his sister since he would always turn back to ask her for some ideas.

Balancing between school and work may seem hard, but Milan has devised a way of ensuring he able to complete all his tasks and still meet with his friends. On a typical day, Milan wakes up a few hours before his classes to go through his emails.

From around 9 am he attends class and at 12 enjoys lunch with his friends. On an average day, Milan has dedicated a couple of hours to ensure to communicate with all stakeholders and go through some of the work ahead.


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