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Michel Terpins and his masterly in rallying.

Michel Terpin is an accomplished rally driver who comes from one of the best-known sporting families in Brazil. His brother Rodrigo Terpins is also a very successful rally driver a sport that they have mastered over the years through sheer hard work and dedication. Their father Jack Terpins also loosely called by his nickname Jacko was one who ingrained the love of sport and the success it can bring to one’s life he was a very prominent basketball player in the 70’s when he played for a club called Hebraica. He would later replicate this success on the field to other areas of his life especially through his business acumen he is a very successful Real estate investor with a diverse portfolio that has enabled him to provide for his family a relatively comfortable life.Due to this passion for sports he was widely recognized and in 1991 the president of Brazil appointed him to head sports in the country a position he held and was able to bring growth and transform sports in the country.He was also recognized for his other leadership skills and to this end, he was elected the current president of the Latin American Jewish Council as well as the president of Maccabi Latin American Confederation.

Michel Terpin together with his brother co-founded the rallying team Bull Sertões they have grown it in leaps and bounds and have won numerous awards with it.However, they both partner with other drivers to compete in different rallies and this was evident when Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo who is also a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, led the category T1 prototypes in the 24th edition. The team was featured in the T1 prototypes category and the second stage of this 24th edition they were able to emerge position one although it was one of the most challenging in the entire rally circuit.With this, they then went on to become position 5 overall.It was a special edition for them as it Michel Terpins and Justo’s first time together as a team.The third stage proved to be quite difficult as it consisted of winding roads, depressions, and hanging cliffs but at the end of the day, they considered it the most fulfilling stage.

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