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Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is A Real Thriller

Sergio Cortes can dance, sing, and move so much like Michael Jackson, it’s uncanny. Plus he is a dead ringer for him. Ever since he was a kid Cortes has been doing Michael’s moves and drawing crowds. At first he just did his little shows for his family. Then he began to show his friends and classmates what he could do. Eventually people all over Barcelona, Spain were making the trek to see Cortes perform. He started appearing on live shows, being interviewed and written about by journalists, and dancing on television. He was having the time of his life. He could hardly believe so many people wanted to see him.

During his teenage years Cortes began to take his performances to another level. Not only would he dance like Michael, but he had his mannerisms too. When he began to sing people lost their minds. Someone put one of his videos on the internet and a worldwide audience became aware of him. That kick-stated his professional career. After that he became internationally known. Not long afterwards he began doing shows all over the world. People were stunned. He looked so much like Michael it was almost scary. People began to pay a lot more attention to him.

Sergio Cortes was born on July 30, 1971. He grew up during the time when Michael was making the transformation from a member of the Jackson 5 to a solo career. By the time Michael released Bad, Cortes was coming of age. Cortes has been able to copy Michael’s dance steps, voice, and performing style so completely people have a difficult time telling them apart. He really knows how to move the crowd. Cortes creates the type of excitement people are only used to seeing from Michael. This has led many to say he’s the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever.

Sergio Cortes’ success is due to a combination of his natural resemblance to Michael, his ability to flawlessly execute Michael’s moves, his talent, and years of practice. When he moved to Brazil he became a superstar in South America. He gets fans so excited they sometimes pass out during his performances like they did at Michael Jackson concerts. His agents, a company called Destiny Projects, have booked shows for him all over the planet. Cortes is currently touring Europe and wowing sold out audiences with his Michael-like singing, dancing, and showmanship skill’s.

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