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Metrik Holdings CEO, Samuel Strauch Does An Interview With CEOCFO Magazine

     During the interview between CEOCFO Magazine and Samuel Strauch, interviewer Lynn Fosse stated that the younger generation is increasingly taking happiness, curiosity and fulfillment for granted at the workplace. Mr. Strauch was asked how he helps people develop and find happiness, curiosity and fulfillment at work with his company. Samuel Strauch responded by saying that when he interviews people he looks at more than just their skills and education. He says he tries to get to understand his potential employees. Samuel Strauch asks what their hopes, dreams and ambitions are.

By getting to know an employee and what they aim in life, Strauch can better incorporate them into his team. He believes that working at his company requires a team effort. Samuel Strauch says that if an employee is a biking enthusiast, then he will try and incorporate events like bike rides into his company. This is so that work and personal interests cross together. Mr. Strauch finds that such an approach spurs both professional and personal development.

Samuel Strauch also believes that an approach which incorporates the interests, passions and goals of his employees creates a more happy, fulfilled and motivated employee. With this point of view, Samuel Strauch has said that even employees who have moved on to work elsewhere or start businesses continue to maintain relations with himself and others at his company. Some of his past employees even conduct business with Metrik. That is the power of looking beyond just skills and education and getting to really know someone and what they want out of work and life.

After that question, Samuel Strauch was asked by Lynn Fosse if he is surprised that so few people realize the importance of being happy, feeling fulfilled and having the freedom to be curious and innovative at work. Strauch said that no he is not surprised that so few people realize this. He attributes this to the very rigid set of instructions and beliefs that his generation was taught. People used to think and were taught that you had to do things a certain way to succeed in business. This is changing and there is more and more freedom at the workplace now.

For more, please read http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/SamuelStrauch_MetrikHoldings17.htm.

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