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MARK HOLYOAKE: The Magnate Behind Iceland Seafood International Success

Mark Holyoake is a British residential property and commercial investor and the Chief Executive Officer of Oak Holdings, a firm specializing in real estate and private equity investments operating primarily in London, UK. He’s a renowned entrepreneur and operator of various successful businesses for over 30 years. Mark Holyoake completed his education at the University of Reading, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. Mark Holyoake founded the British Seafood Group and later moved on to become the director of numerous seafood companies; hence, he acquired extensive experience in the seafood industry across the globe.

He invested in Iceland Seafood International at a time of financial uncertainty when the country’s economy was almost collapsing, one of the oldest seafood companies in Iceland. Mark Holyoake helped the Company rise to global success with its significant profit margins making it a powerhouse in the seafood industry although many investors had termed his move a considerable risk, his huge investments made him become the largest shareholder of the Company. At the time, the business climate in Iceland was unstable, and its currency value had declined, and the business environment was not conducive to external investors. Mark Holyoake stepped down from Iceland Seafood International board of directors, selling 42 Million of his shares and allowed Brim Seafood to buy shares in the Company but he still maintains a large percent of the company shares, about 550.85 Million of the Company’s 1.29 billion shares. He was the board director of Iceland Seafood for close to 10 years. He went ahead to venture into other businesses in the field of food production and private equity.

He attributes his long-term success to never giving up, giving responsibility to the right type of people, learning from failure, and being surrounded by like-minded people who are visionary thinkers and have real ideas. Mark Holyoake has been described by many as a hard-working entrepreneur, risk taker, and a smart thinker who brings his concept into life. He describes Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, as his Inspirational figurehead who has helped him see the bigger picture despite harsh conditions surrounding him and thus achieve positive growth over the years.

For details: angel.co/mark-holyoake

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