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Mark Holyoake Continues To Find Success After Failure


British investor and businessman Mark Holyoake has turned his failures as an entrepreneur into success. He is now the owner of Oakvest Holdings. Oakvest Holdings is a private investment fund that focuses on private equity and real estate investment. The company mainly works within the food and commodity industries. Holyoake has been involved in the seafood , international commercial and residential property businesses.

During banking failures in Iceland Holyoake’s investment company purchased the biggest seafood company there Iceland Seafood International. The business was founded in 1932. It was purchased for its potential profitability and possibility of expansion across Europe.

Mark Holyoake would like to continue to focus on investing in the food industry. He is aware people are living longer and are concerned with living longer. Holyoake believes consumers becoming more aware of their food choices is a chance for his company to offer a variety of options.

In 2010 Holyoke’s company British Seafood Group closed. Today he views failing as a part of the entrepreneurial journey. He believes it’s important to think of failure as an opportunity to learn from the mistakes you have made and work not to do them again. Mark Holyoke links success in business with working with the right people, sharing the responsibilities of the business and socializing with others.

In a recent article with Iceland Monitor entitled “British Investor Mark Holyoake Withdraws From Iceland Seafood”, talks about British investor Mark Holyoake stepped down from the board of Iceland Seafood International earlier this month. Iceland Seafood International merged with Icelandic Iberia in 2018.

Holyoake continues to be invested in Iceland Seafood International through the company International Seafood Holding. After the merger of ISI and Icelandic Iberica, Holyoake will continue to be the largest individual shareholder.


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