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Making Sense Of Iskandar Safa’s Privinvest, A World-Class Shipbuilder

Yachts are some of the most expensive vehicles on planet Earth. Often used for pleasure, they’re typically only afforded by the wealthy. Some wealthy marine sporting enthusiasts commission the construction of custom yachts built to their own specifications.

Since they’re so expensive, most custom-made yacht buyers seek out the most prestigious shipbuilders out there. Many of them reach out to Privinvest Group, a company with 29 years’ operation under its belt that has satisfactorily provided more than 2,000 clients with fully-decked-out, customized yachts, as well as many naval vessels and cargo ships. Find Related Information Here.


Meet a Leading Custom Yacht Creator – Privinvest

Privinvest – the name is synonymous with the name of Privinvest Group – doesn’t actually build or service marine vessels itself. Rather, Privinvest is a company that effectively serves as the umbrella under which seven autonomous shipbuilding companies operate. The entities work together, rather than competing against one another, boosting each of their capabilities to stay afloat and perform well.

The company, based in Beirut, Lebanon, an economic hub in the Middle East, it was founded by brothers Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa in 1990. A year after foundation, the brothers bought a shipyard in France. Although Iskandar Safa had previously worked as a civil engineer, making him familiar with marine vessel travel and infrastructure for supporting such. Further, Iskandar Safa grew up on the Lebanese coast, where he was exposed to life on the sea at an early age. Refer to This Article for more information.


Now, It’s Nobiskrug’s Turn

Rendsburg, Germany, is home to Nobiskrug, one of Europe’s most well-known yacht manufacturers. Nobiskrug, which is part of the German shipbuilding company known as German Naval Yards, falls under the Privinvest umbrella and serves the group as one of its finest yacht builders.

Under Iskandar Safa’s leadership, Nobiskrug has built several truly world-class yachts, including Sailing Yacht A, a winner of one award at the World Superyacht Awards 2018.


Additional reference: https://www.iskandar-safa.com/


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