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Making Education Accessible To All Through Rocketship Education

It is a non-profit network of public charter schools, working with parents, community organizations and educators aiming at creating an ecosystem of quality public schools. At Rocketship schools, leaders, teachers and support staff push their dedication towards gratitude and positive culture thrives within their halls. The schools have four core values spread across all their networks: persistence, empathy, responsibility, and respect.

The rocketeers have to recite these values every day in their rocketeer creed and live them out in their community and at school. The core values were built to allow rocketeers growth in a community that shares a common desire to exceed expectations. They fit within their mission to the students thrive in school and beyond by equipping them with critical character skills. Recently tennis star Andre Agassi helped open a new charter school, Rocketship Rise Academy with the decision influenced by his lowest moment, his career was tanking and he had lost connection with life.

Most of the students attending Rocketship schools are from high poverty levels community and are prone to toxic stress in comparison to children living in middle or upper-class neighborhoods. Stress makes the children have trouble in resolving conflicts, managing their emotions and response to provocations. Rocketship education provides instructional programs to create a consistent, positive and predictable school experience helping the students develop the social-emotional skills needed for success in the classroom and beyond.

Parents Participation in Recruiting Teachers

At Rocketship education charter schools parents participate in recruiting teachers for their children. According to Preston Smith the chief executive officer and co-founder of Rocketship, parent participation has always been a key foundation of the chain that started in San Jose, Califonia in 2007. Parents always join in job interviews after training to do panel interviews and even holding community meetings to have the parents meet the job finalists.

The first Rocketship charter based in California got national attention with its initial test scores that were strong and the blending of learning approaches mixing traditional teaching with online and computer-assisted instructions keeping the administrative costs low. By collectively building, the Rocketship education charter schools the communities are turning to lands of opportunities.

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