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Magnises Promotes Luxury Lifestyle for Younger Generation

Magnises was founded in 2014 by Billy McFarland, a businessman in his 20s. The goal of the company is to build a network for young customers to save money while enjoying the finer things in life.

When customers become Magnises members, they receive a personalized black card. Magnises membership allows young professionals to attend events and get great deals in some of the East Coast’s largest cities, including Washington, D.C. and NYC. Magnises deals include restaurant and bar discounts, as well as opportunities to attend exclusive concerts or plan exotic vacations.

Customers can link their Magnises black card to their credit card or bank account, but the perks of the card itself are what is most appealing. McFarland shared with Business Insider that the goal of Magnises is to crate a platform that connects millennials with new companies. He also asserts that it’s easy to use the Magnises card, since it can be linked to a credit or debit account.

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There are currently around 12,000 members in the Magnises club, and more benefits are being added soon. Customers pay $99 for services; in addition to getting great discounts at local businesses, Magnises members can also utilize discounted office space. Alley, the place where the Magnises corporate office is located, offers co-working facilities that are perfect for up and coming business owners. Through the WorkPass program with Magnises, members can rent workspaces for about $500 per month.

McFarland says that the office sharing perk is just one of the ways that Magnises seeks to improve both the social and professional lives of its members. In addition to WorkPass, Magnises is also introducing a new feature called ClubPass, which allows members to get into New York’s most exclusive nightclubs. The pass costs $65. HotelPass is also available for members of the Magnises community. The pass allows members to stay at The Dream Hotel in New York for just $79 a night; rooms typically cost $245 per night.

McFarland shares that he invented these “passes” to make it easier for young professionals to enjoy the finer things in life. He explains that while some Magnises members would be able to get into the nightclubs of their choice, they’d have to pay for expensive tables once inside.

McFarland also explains that working with hotel brands is a smart business move. In the case of The Dream Hotel, more branches will be opening around the world. Magnises members who stay at the hotel will likely feel as though they are on vacation even when traveling for business, which can boost sales for both companies.

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