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Luke Lazarus Helps Startups to Shape Success From Within

 Shaping Companies for the Future

A good leader makes a split-second decision that has the consequences for the future of the company. Today’s business culture has been identified as grueling, grinding, and smashing the competition.

Is there a way to slide by the business game without feeling the consequences? Luke Lazarus believes that part of successful preparation is learning the story.

According to Lisa Lacy at Linkdex newer brands are finding ways to get on the radar of consumers. These new companies either find deep market need or solve an injustice that has occurred.

According to Luke Lazarus, a successful startup will develop a story that makes an emotional connection with consumers. Both the startup and the consumer have needs. If the startup values and the consumer needs both meet, there is an emotional connection. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

The connection arises out of the emotional appeal that unites both of them. Startups enter the business world to present a new or better way of doing things and to make people’s lives better because needs are solved.

Creating an Emotional Punch

An emotional punch for a business is not a fruit punch, but a touching story hitting the customers emotional nerve center. An emotional appeal calls forth a gut-level response. The emotional punch meets the needs of the customer.

It serves a purpose, or it solves a problem with the customer’ need. Helping the needy makes a secure emotional connection. Who hasn’t felt the need for something? When a company ties their story to meet the needs of others, it rings a bell, and people listen.

Creating Believable Stories

A possible company name could be MissionHill® who for every canopy sold they give a one away to a family who is homeless. Another value is the company sources the material for its canopies from hemp farms in Kentucky, which are run by migrants.

The message won’t touch everyone, but there are millions of people who can make an emotional connection to the story. The story is about two boys, and hemp made rug inherited from their grandparents who came over from China in the early 1900s.

The family began growing hemp and making rugs for the locals, but not it has grown into making canopies. Luke Lazarus tells his startup’s stories are what moves the investors as well as the consumer. Stories with purpose and value invite emotional connection. Luke Lazarus believes the use of the canopy is to make a meaningful connection with the family.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy in Australia

Luke Lazarus launched his Consultancy in 2013 and since opening has helped 100s of startup companies seeking to better prepares for their business launches. Some startups he has worked with are successful businesses, while others launched an IPO or received investments from Venture Capital firms.

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