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Low-Wage Really Get Buried In Major Snow Storms

Personal Days Are Not An Option For Some Hourly Employees

Major snowstorms and other natural weather occurrences do present challenges for everyone that experiences them. Schools and some businesses close and public transportation either runs late or not at all. It’s easy to forget about low-wage earners and their problems when you are trying to adjust to the inconveniences created by severe weather, but someone should.And that someone is Flavio Maluf who just posted on his jumbo.com page about this.

The latest weather debacle hit the Northeast corridor like a runaway freight train, and over 577,000 low-wage earners got buried in more debt. Most of those workers are home health aides, taxi drivers, fast-food cooks, grocery store stockers, maids, nannies and janitors. Most of, of them, lost needed income since only 20 percent of those workers had the luxury of paid sick leave.

Blizzards cause major social disruptions, and low-wage employees are hit the hardest. Amy Traub, an analyst at the think tank Demos, presented the issue this way: “There is no working from home if you’re a sales associate or if you’re a cashier. If they can’t get to work because of the weather, they miss a paycheck. There’s no recourse if [the boss] says, ‘Come here, or you’re fired,’ unless you have a union contract.”

Low-wage earners keep the economy running efficiently. Perhaps it’s time for lawmakers to give them what we all want. A chance to earn a living regardless of the weather.

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