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LocationSmart: Transforming the Logistics Industry

The introduction of LocationSmart’s platform that offers the largest location as a service on the planet would benefit the logistics industry tremendously. The company claims that its platform can connect to more than 17 billion devices, using different access points like Wi-FI, cell sites, and IP addresses. Today, the logistics industry is facing a lot of issues because of delayed deliveries, or products being sent to the wrong address. However, LocationSmart assured the logistics sector that everything will change once they decided to level-up their operations and integrate the services offered by LocationSmart.


What are the benefits of using LocationSmart?



For businesses in the logistics sector, using LocationSmart is advantageous. The following information demonstrates how their platform will help a lot of companies in the logistics sector.


Identifying the assets that are going off-route



This is a very common problem for logistics companies – the assets that they need to deliver are going off-route, and it is difficult to locate where it is once it slips off their radar. With LocationSmart, any assets can be located wherever it is anywhere in the world. This will prevent the loss of profit from untoward incidents, and the company can explain thoroughly why the delivery was delayed.


Locating an asset that has broken down



Delivery trucks, vans, ships, and planes are considered as an asset of a logistics company. Before the introduction of LocationSmart, it would be difficult to find out what happened to these assets once they got off the signal monitored by the logistics company. However, with the current platform offered by LocationSmart to logistics firms, it will be easier for them to identify the location of an asset that has broken down, and it will be easier for them to fix and maintain it.


Locating the devices used by an employee



LocationSmart makes it easier for logistics companies to track down their employees who use any device that is connected to the internet. This would enable the companies to verify if the employee is in the right direction if they will be delivering a package. This would also conserve their time on the road, as the logistics company can send them real-time information about their destination even if they are driving on the road.


Better communication



LocationSmart also makes it possible for companies to communicate effectively with their employees. The strong communication signals offered by the company will enable the workers to call the headquarters whenever they need to. Assignment changes can also be relayed effectively with LocationSmart in place.


Aside from the benefits offered to logistics companies, LocationSmart is also capable of geotargeting and geofencing. This changes the playing field for many companies, and it introduces new benefits for those who are using the LocationSmart platform. Geotargeting refers to the ability of the platform to target certain devices in a given area. Using these services will enable companies to advertise more efficiently. Geofencing, on the other hand, will identify the movement of the customers, providing real-time information to companies where they are.


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