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LocationSmart Protects Online Transaction While Also Enabling Proactive Business Tactics

Consider the fact that data piracy is costing the U.S. advertising and media sector more than $8 billion a year in lost revenue, according to RIAA Research. And that’s just one industry. The music industry loses an estimated $12.5 billion annually. The latter figure alone translates to more than 70,000 lost jobs.


But any business – including small businesses – can fall prey to data hackers who steal proprietary information and can cause customers to lose confidence in a business because they fear they are not working with a secure system.


That’s why LocationSmart is more important than ever today. LocationSmart is a California-based Location as a Service (LaaS) provider that has been protecting its clients since the mid-1990s.


Proactive Business Applications


But beyond saving its clients billions of dollars by providing secure online business activity and transactions, LocationSmart also offers the proactive benefit of enabling its users to increase their profits and customer base.


Thousands of businesses, large and small, are discovering the benefits IP geolocation can add to their operating models. There are several key areas where IP geolocation provided by LocationSmart helps owners and managers run better businesses.


One example is seamless compliance with local rules, laws and regulations. The ability to leverage LaaS and IP geolocation has been a tremendous boon to the gaming industry, for example. Activities, such as playing the lottery or participating in online games, requires that each user pay taxes or comply with rules applying to their purchases specific to the state where they live. LocationSmart makes it easy to verify the location of millions of game players instantly.


Another capability provided by LaaS and IP geolocation is geo-specific advertising using real-time communication. LocationSmart’s powerful and proprietary platform obtains real-time information about where customers are physically located when they use a mobile app or when connected using other internet-based devices. This enables a business to send push notifications to customers, or makes possible a personal phone call from your staff.


Real-time communication enables a business to alert subscribed customers to sales. A discount coupon can be sent online to trigger sales. There are a number of ways to prompt customers into action when they otherwise may not be engaged with your business.


LocationSmart is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, and began operations in 1995. As internet technology advanced and consumers became increasingly internet savvy, the company grew rapidly as demand increased for platforms that could conduct business in the cyber world with a high degree of security and ease of use.


LocationSmart also offers geo-mapping and cloud location services. Industry observers cite LocationSmart as among the easiest and most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for context-aware application development. That includes local and hyperlocal location capability. Among its services are call centers, apps for transportation businesses, secure financial transaction, proximity marketing and various core enterprise functions.


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