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LocationSmart Detects New Market in Canada

Most Businesses rely on 3rd party partners to help them keep track of their mobile devices and master communication online, now those in Canada will have the option to access some of the best Location-as-a-Service companies now that LocationSmart is moving a little ways north from their home in Los Angeles.

Canadian wireless carriers already provide basic communication, location, and SmS capabilities for their mobile customers. What LocationSmart brings to the table will boost those functions and allow mobile users to tap into location services while out in the field, doing away with any need for installations or apps.

LocationSmart is also where these mobile users will be able to take advantage of top-tier security and embrace true privacy tools, making sure that they are always in control when consenting to sharing their private data. LocationSmart covers smartphones, tablets, IoT compatible products, and all mobile devices.

When lost, LocationSmart increases the chances of recovery. Utilizing real-time location make asset and load track possible, allows for call routing, transaction verification, and roadside assistance.

Mario Proietti, CEO for LocationSmart, released a statement about the expansion to Canada. He sees it as a huge business opportunity. Services going live in Canada for mobile users presents an opportortunity to expand those services in a challenging region. Proiette sees new steps in their international strategy fall into place. For Proietti, supporting customers as the business grows will allow those customers to communicate as they expand as well.

LocationSmart held their Beta tests throughout Canada back in 2018. Across several industries, businesses took part and utilized those most important services, and most seemed pleased with what they were shown. By integrating services with the right mobile services, LocationSmart’s quiet launch quickly expanded over much of Canada and aims to reach out further into the country.

About LocationSmart

LocationSmart is a Location-as-a-service company from Los Angeles, California. Founded as TechnoCom Corporation in 1995, this company quickly became recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the tech industry by Deloitte & Touche. And with that growth came international aspirations and a new name, LocationSmart.

LocationSmart works with mobile carriers in many countries. Both Fortune 500 companies and startups, federal and local governments, rely on LocationSmart to make sure businesses and the general public can access reliable streaming capabilities in small territories and nationwide.

Beyond location services, this company has advanced in Wi-Fi and IP location, landline and hybrid location, and so much more.

LocationSmart’s commitment to preserving user data and perfecting their location methods have made them indispensable to the industry. That professionalism has made them key members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the Transportation Intermediaries Association, and the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association.

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