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Link to language delays from TV watching found in toddlers

A South Korean study has revealed the first proven link between watching large amounts of TV and a delay in speech development for toddlers, PsyPost reports. For many years a link between TV watching and speech issues has been reported on an anecdotal basis without a large scale study taking place that has given any proof or otherwise of a link. The South Korean study has now proven that toddlers who watched less than one hour of TV per day were three times less likely to have a form of speech delay than those who watched more than two hours per day.

More than 1,700 toddlers were included in the study and a series of factors were included in the completed report, including marital status of parents, income and population size for each toddler. Despite a large number of companies now looking to prove their products aimed at toddlers could help learning this new evidence seems to show that toddlers language development can be harmed by prolonged periods watching the TV.

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