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Lime Crime Bold And Trendy Beauty Products

Would you like to look and feel like a unicorn, have fun and be trendy at the same time? Lime Crime Unicorn hair dye is a semi-permanent hair color that is offered in a variety of colors, so using one or two of the many colors may make you feel like a beautiful unicorn! They are designed, manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles, California, so are made in the USA! The dye is totally vegan free, which means it is not tested on animals and is cruelty free. Some hair dyes may be vegan free, but have other chemicals that are damaging to your hair; therefore, you need to check the other ingredients to make sure the hair dye is not harmful for your hair. This dye is one that is not harmful to your hair, because it is a professional hair dye that colors, conditions and moisturizes, as well as being vegan free. Also, some of the Lime Crime dark hair dyes contain no ammonia, peroxide or bleach which makes it even better for your hair.

Some best sellers Lime Crime has to offer are: Sea Witch, a blue-green tone; Squid, an ink purple color; Chestnut, a maroon-brown color; Chocolate Cherry, a deep burgundy red; Sea Witch, a rich teal color; and Gargoyle, a stone grey color. For darker colors, Valentine is a great color, because of its deep red tone, or you make like Charcoal, a smoky grey shade.

Lime Crime also offers other beauty products; such as Matte Velvetine or Diamond Crusher glittered lipsticks, various shades of Hi-Lites and eye shadows. Some lipstick colors offered are: Eclipse, Raisin Hell, Wicked (all shades of dark burgundy); Red Hot, Red Rose, Red Velvet; Riot, Happi, Teddy Bear, Siren, Lana (shades of rose or pink) and Bloodmoon, a very deep blood red. They have everything needed to mix and match lip colors to compliment your hair dye, colors for a day-time look or bold, vibrant colors for going “out on the town” in the evening. Try LimeCrime products, and have some fun, be trendy and up-to-date all at the same time!

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