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Labor Group that Backed LA Minimum Wage Increases Seeks Exemption

The Los Angeles Federation of Labor (LAFL) has been one of the most vocal groups supporting the increase of the minimum wage in Los Angeles. Now that the city council has passed laws to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020 the LAFL is seeking an exemption.

The argument of the LAFL is that employers that are part of a union should be able to offer lower wages in exchange for better benefits like health insurance. The request from the group received much criticism and was seen as a way for the LAFL to increase membership by providing employers with a way to bypass minimum wage laws.

The new wage ordinance in LA was passed without any exemptions. Any job available will pay at least $15 per hour starting in 2020. The city council said it would be extremely difficult to give the LAFL an exemption after saying no to other industries who asked for the same thing.

The increased minimum wage is an attempt to help reverse some of the crippling poverty that plagues Los Angeles. The team at Beneful feel it should be interesting to see how the wage increase in LA affects the rest of the country in coming years.

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