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Kevin Seawright Is Honored By Notre Dame

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice-President of the Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) was recently recognized by the University of Notre Dame for completing a non-profit fund development program. The program, developed by the University’s Mendoza College of Business, was established to help keep business people up with the non profit’s business. “I understand the importance of giving back and participating in programs that will help maintain a healthy relationship with the community and the government, says Seawright.

Seawright says he is just grateful that he was able to get over the hump. There are two installments of program: he has now passed both. The second course is designed to help leaders of non-profit organizations run it efficiently and effectively. Board members are trained, cultivated and evaluated on how to successfully maintain the organization.

Upon completion of the Phase Two, Seawright was presented with an Award of Achievement, which certifies he has successfully completed training. Seawright brings over 13 years experience into his current job at the CEDC. In his previous job with the city of Baltimore, he worked at several governmental organizations. He is an expert in every aspect of finance and has implemented many specific money-saving measures.

Seawright has also worked in Washington D.C. with Tito Contractors, as well as other local educational and real estate development agencies. He sits on a number of boards including the Babe Ruth Museum and the National Advisory of African American Administrators.

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