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Kevin Seawright Fights For The Community

Kevin Seawright, the CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, has had a fascinating career, beginning with a government gig in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the course of the past seven or so odd years, Mr. Seawright is combining his knowledge of construction and management of finance, and taking his talents to the private industry sector.

He is a man perpetually preoccupied with improving the lives of those residing within urban centers, as well as someone who hopes to watch cities expand further. Nonetheless he remains a man of character, who is willing to listen to others, learn from his mistakes, and adapt to an ever changing environment with comfort and ease.

His recent victories are examples of Kevin Seawright’s overwhelming positivity and enthusiasm, as well as his powerful work ethic. In the end, it was his diversity of experience growing up that shaped his character and that has advanced his career.

Kevin Seawright is primarily a philanthropist at heart. Introduced by his parents, to financial stewardship in childhood, he was actively involved in programs dedicated to helping children within the inner cities of Baltimore, Maryland, Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One can easily see how the lessons of Kevin Seawright’s parents have influenced his decision making he pointed out on Twitter.

In addition, he works with groups focused on improving community organization, and is a strong proponent of online education, as well as formal college education. He is a man of the people and contributing to the success of others has proved to be a large factor in his motivation.

First and foremost, Kevin Seawright is a family man. He is a believer in forming strong communities and with Newark CEDC he helps the economy by helping people, by giving loans to smaller sized businesses, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to any significant capital. He has faith in human beings and hopes to see entrepreneurs grow and eventually thrive. Assisting these groups continues to provide a bolster to the local economy.

Finally, Kevin Seawright still sees room for improvement in Newark, New Jersey, and will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the city reaching it’s full potential.

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