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Kevin Plank Impact on Entrepreneurship Sector

Kevin Plank outlined his plans to a city to change Port Covington. He aims to set up a waterfront project which shall cost billions. The Sagamore Development Project seeks to create a new area for residents. It shall comprise of restaurants, entertainment facilities, and hotels. They have a plan to set the city as the international headquarter for Under Armour. It is a firm owned by Kevin Plank which produces sportswear and accessories. He looks forward to developing the region to be a enough and reliable area for businesses. By doing this, the district shall create job opportunities for thousands of people in the society.

His philanthropic efforts to organizations

Kevin Plank’s institution, The Cupid Foundation, donated 1 million to CollegeBound Foundation. It is a charitable institution that has assisted thousands of students to graduate and finish their education. The institution offers college advisors and donations to students. Also, it functions in 14 Baltimore high schools. The businessman is an alumnus of St. John’s College High School, and he donated 16 million. The funds are to construct the second stage of the school’s plans to improve the campus. They shall include a new program that concentrates on entrepreneurship and athletics. It will equip students with knowledge and skills on how to operate investments.

His contribution to society and learning institutions

During 2015, Kevin Plank donated 25 million to the University of Maryland. It is his institution which made him transform and learn basics skills in life. The contributions shall go to renovating Cole Field House. It comprises of Terrapin Performance Center and indoor football practice. The campus reminds him of his passions, which are athletics and entrepreneurship. By helping them in these pursuits, they shall be making them better for the future. It makes them ready and skillful to curb issues they encounter in their lives and businesses. He loves giving back to society since he could transform into what he is today. It is through this commitment that led him to assist the learning institutions. The funds will support the institutions with capital projects years ahead of the plan. There will be a positive impact on society and the youth through this forum.

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