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Kenneth Griffin Has Given Back

When you hear of someone donating $150 million to an organization, what is your initial thought? Do you think of how generous that the individual is to have donated that amount of money, or do you think of how wealthy they must be if they are able to give away that much money? Do you think that they are a good person because of what they have done, or not? Ken Griffin on Forbes has done it.

Well, with Kenneth Griffith, the money that he gave to Harvard college is all about what the institution has done for him. He is just trying to pay them back for sending him out on the right path. He is trying to give the same kind of opportunity that he had, thanks to the school, to other students. He is doing a good thing by donating so much money to the college, and he is being recognized for it.

A donation of $150 million isn’t likely to go unnoticed, and Kenneth Griffin’s donation is being far from ignored. The college has announced that they are going to change the name of the financial aid office in honor of him. They are recognizing the good that he is doing for their school, and they are honoring him for it.

But, for Kenneth Griffin, it really is all about giving back. He doesn’t care about the fame of giving the gift. That’s not why he decided to give it. No, instead, he wanted to help others achieve the dreams that they are reaching for. He wants to give young people the chance to get to where he is in his life. He wants them to have the same kinds of opportunities, so that they can one day have a career that is just as big as his. He gave this donation for them, not for himself. He wants to help out Harvard college and all of those who attend it. And, as a result of him doing that, the financial aid office is being named after him. He is wealthy, yes, but he has chosen to give away part of that wealth out of the kindness of his heart.

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