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Ken Goodrich Reengineers Goettl Air Conditioning

For over 15 years, Ken Goodrich has been in the business of buying distressed businesses and reconstructing them. In 2013, he acquired a family business, Goettl Air Conditioning, which was almost collapsing. The company needed immediate action for it to return to active operations. The former owners of the corporation had been taken to the attorney general for business malpractice. The ruling was made in favor of the owners. However, the business could not appeal to the consumers as its reputation had been dented. Goodrich embarked on restoring consumer confidence by developing products that appealed to clients. In addition, he encouraged employees to focus on customer satisfaction. Ken established open lines of communications with the employees and other stakeholders. He organized annual charitable initiatives like fundraising activities to support the less advantaged members of the community and veterans.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers innovative HVAC services, including air conditioning and heating services in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Southern California and Tucson. They carry on a legacy started in 1939 by Adam and Gust Goettl. The two brothers developed the region’s first evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC unit to curb the intense temperatures in the Phoenix. Since then, the Goettl brand has grown to be an industry leader in the HVAC business. The company’s team is devoted to offering superior products that incorporate the latest technology.

Their products are cost effective. Goettl’s technicians offer professional assistance to buyers to ensure that they are well informed about the products that they intend to purchase. The company sends their employees to clients’ premises to install different products. Notably, Goettl checks the background of its employees. The company’s employees are reputable for their honesty, reliability, attention to detail and innovation. Their services do not end at installation of air conditioning and heating systems. The company’s maintenance programs ensures that the installed systems remain in good condition to reduce instances of wear and tear. HVAC systems that do not undergo regular inspection and maintenance can experience a high number of breakdowns, resulting in high maintenance costs.

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