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Just Who is Jared Haftel?

Jared Haftel has lived an interesting life, especially professionally which, why I thought he’d be a good person to write on for this site. I hope that he inspires you as much as he has me.

It was at Duke University where Jared Haftel earned his B.S. in Economics, Mathematics, and Science before stepping into a career that would soon explode with success.  As a result, Haftel had several of his articles published in the popular campus news channel, the Duke Chronicle.  These publications were about music, something Jared Haftel has always loved,  and more specifically, album releases and reviews of musical artists and bands themselves. .


Haftel went on to become an Investment Banking Analyst at Merrill Lynch where he was put in charge commodities information analysis with a focus on the chemicals, mining, metals, defense and aerospace industries.  In addition to his time at Merrill Lynch, Haftel also worked as an Investment Banking Analyst for companies such as CONSOLE Energy and GeoEye.

According to crunchbase.com,  Jared Haftel’s most recent roles include Investments Banking Analyst with Bank of America as well as Associate Team Member for Vector Capital .

Jared Haftel has provided some very helpful information for recent college graduates who are trying to break into the finance management industry. It is a good tip for anyone who is looking for any type of work as well. Haftel says that the best way to present yourself on your resume is to showcase the most relevant career accomplishments.  Haftel also advises that a good 50 percent of one’s resume should reflect work experience in addition to your skills.

Haftel’s publications are not limited to the musical reviews he has written. He continues to write about the subjects of resume writing and job interviewing for a successful future in the world of business.

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