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Josh Verne Talks About His Business On Entrepreneur Podcast

Serial entrepreneur, Josh Verne talked about his past and current businesses and his personal life on an entrepreneur podcast. Mr. Verne has founded Home Line Furniture and built the company up into a wholesale furniture outlet before selling the business off. He also acquired financial company, Work Pays Me and later sold it off as well.


His latest business an online based one called FlockU. It targets the college student audience with content that is catered to them and uses targeted advertising to generate a profit. FlockU also provides a supportive community where colleges students can help one another with issues that they are currently experiencing in college.


On the entrepreneurial podcast Josh Verne took a look back at his previous ventures and described what he did right and what he did that he now realized he should have done differently. One of the things that Josh Verne said he wished he had done much sooner was to listen much more often and much more intently to his co-workers and subordinates. He realized that had he taken some of their advice, his business would have been much more profitable.


Josh Verne also said that your colleagues, and co-workers may gave you advice that is perfect, but you may choose to ignore or not take it. At the very least, says Verne on the podcast, listen and take it in. You may be surprised about what you may learn. Josh later added that speaking less and listening more will make people respect you more. It will make you sound more authoritative and others will be more apt to listen to you if you listened to them.

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