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Joseph Bismark Embodies the Phrase Know Better Do Better

Every time I read an article about Joseph Bismark I am inspired and my faith in the business world is revived. Typically I feel as if businessmen and women are out for their own good and do not care about the rest of us, but then I read a story like the one found on the blog Just Judy And Her Dog and I feel a bit better about the state of things. Bismark proves time and time again that it is possible to combine spirituality and business and still be successful. This is because he believes that to be successful you have to first find happiness and contentment and the rest will fall in place. If he is any indication it sure does work.

Currently Bismark sits on the Board of Directors for QI Group Companies and has worked hard to ake the company an ethical spiritual endeavor. He approaches every deal and business matter with the idea that everyone can be extraordinary and works hard to instill this belief in his employees. Giving them this type of support is one reason why the business is able to move so smoothly. When people know that their leader believes in them they want to work harder every day, and they do.

Interestingly enough, Bismark was not always a top leader in the business world. In fact, the blog points out that he actually was a monk in the Phillipines mountains from the age nine until he was 17. When he came back home he decided he wanted to go into the corporate world and work hard to translate what he had learned about living into the business world. His company is very big into Corporate Social Responsibility and he continually says that team work is important because the only way a company can be powerful is if its employees know they are powerful. His simple inspiration and quiet but strong spirituality is something that everyone can learn from.

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