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Jose Borghi Initiates Excellent Brand Advertising through Mullen Lowe

For many entrepreneurs, starting a small business is the primary challenge. Most start-ups fail within the first five months if the foundation of the firm is not secure. That is why it is advisable for companies to invest in advertising agencies that can sell the brand to a large market niche. Advertising is a fundamental element in marketing. It is a branch that deals with communication to customers concerning products, brands, companies as well as the entire range of services offered by a firm. A good advertising agency identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a product before venturing into communicating with clients. Through the two elements, it is possible for the agency to apply successful strategies in reaching out to the customers. Such characteristics describe Mullen Lowe.


Mullen Lowe is a renowned advertising agency that has for years incorporated the strengths of a brand to make concrete communications with clients. Under the leadership of Jose Borghi, the founder, and head cheerleader, this agency is considered the best among the most influential branding agencies in the industry. Jose Henrique Borghi is prominent for creating award-winning campaigns like the Mammals of Parmalat. In this campaign, children appeared to be dressed like stuffed animals while singing jingle bells. He is also the initiator of Sazon campaign in which Zeze Di Camargo was a hit.

Jose’s Career

Jose Borghi was born in PresidentePredente. The alumnus of PUC-Campinas majored in advertising. His first job was with Standart Ogilvy, an advertising agency in 1989. After amassing extensive experiences from FCB, Talent as well as Leo Burnett, he settled for founding his agency through a partnership with Erh Ray. The agency was called BorghiErh. Throughout his career advancement, Jose had no investor or godfather to look up to. His agency has successfully grown into a domestic and international service provider.

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